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Cold Ease: Sweet Potato Fries

J and I took a much needed vacation to Tennessee for our birthdays; we freakishly share the same birthday – same day, same year.  No joke.  The gift of annual birthday travel is a promise to we made to each other after our engagement in Portland, Oregon, for the same purpose over two years ago.

The vacation was anything but restful.  We toured the streets of both Nashville and Memphis, reveling in historical music scenes while enjoying pulled pork sandwiches, fresh gumbo with andouille sausage, and a handful of dive bars (“Hello” to Karen and Russell at Ernestine and Hazel’s).  The weather was a flawless 70 degrees and sunny, a stark contrast Continue reading

Turtles, Bees and Granola: Our Trip to North Carolina

Along Cape Fear River, Southport NC

It’s amazing how humbling it can be to set foot in another state.  I consider myself a well-educated person, having completed post-graduate work and looking forward to going back to school again one day.  Yet this past week, surrounded by some wonderful people who have lived a different lifestyle,  I realized (again) the narrow scope of my knowledge, enclosed in an urban metropolis and corporate microcosm.  When it comes to snapping turtles and carpenter bees, I’m clueless.  It wasn’t in any textbook of mine, nor in my backyard growing up – nature eludes me.

We flew into Raleigh, North Carolina a week ago, visiting family to bookend a weekend wedding in the quaint beach town of Southport, North Carolina along the Atlantic coast.  J’s cousin and his girlfriend recently moved back to Continue reading