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Vegetables Over-Board: Mushroom & Parsnip Soup

My recipe for Mushroom & Parsnip Soup began in a crowded fashion.   Crowding the pan is a culinary faux-pas, a sure-fire way to end up with a mix of temperatures and potentially uncooked foods.  Might I suggest an additional culinary blunder – crowding the cutting board.  Enter Exhibit “A”:

Exhibit A - Veggies Over-Board

Though I ambitiously harbored the chopped onion and shallot on the cutting board as well, these ingredients quickly found their way into the pan as I realized my naivety.  Rather than use additional housewares (i.e. bowls) to hold each ingredient as I chop away in preparation, I remained hopeful that I could finish this recipe with one or two less dishes left to clean.  I hate doing dishes.  Yet rather than having to scrub a few extra bowls or another cutting board, I ended up cleaning vegetables off the floor, counter-top and stove.

Crowding aside, the inspiration for this recipe came from my best friend who suggested I make a Mushroom Barley Continue reading