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Moving in All Directions: Honey Cake Recipe

Things have been busy.  Between selling our condo in the city and buying a house in the ‘farburbs’ (per my estimation, over a half-hour drive on both the Schuylkill and the PA turnpike warrants a more progressive term than ‘suburbs’), we managed to work in a Kentucky Derby party in Berks County, a Mother’s Day shared with two families, and a trip to New Orleans (did someone say crawfish?).  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed; plagued with nightmares of brown boxes, stubbed toes and squeezing in two settlements in one day.  At least the food’s been enjoyable; take a look at a few highlights…

A Mint Julep for the Derby with fresh mint from Goshen View Organics in Goshen, PA:

I made a delicious and moist Honey Cake for Mother’s Day adapted from this Epicurious recipe — my version is Continue reading