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Kitchen Bliss: Winter Harvest Loaf

People always ask, “Was it love at first sight?”  While I always sort of teetered with this notion and firmly believed that love is not instantaneous but more of a progression… Until, that is, I saw this recipe for Winter Harvest Bundt Cake from Straight From the Farm blog. Love. At. First. Sight.

I know you’re thinking, really, in love with a cake made with vegetables?  As a dietitian with a sweet tooth, this is as close to love as I’m going to get (outside of my husband and family, of course).  I’m always looking for recipes that indulge both my sweet and healthy inclinations.  This past weekend, I decided to give the recipe a try using the vegetables from my recent CSA share and Farmers Market visit.  The original recipe calls for pumpkin, parsnips and carrots; I substituted rutabaga, kohlrabi and apple from my Sprinter Slaw recipe?   Brilliant or absurd? Continue reading