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Outside the Zone: Baby Bok Choy with Garlic and Ginger

With a day job that has little relevance to my skill set and education, I’m often operating outside of my comfort zone.  At the end of each work week, you can always tell just how far I’ve traveled by looking at my fingernails; the more chewed and ragged, the more challenge faced.  My nails aren’t looking so hot right now – I know some R&R is needed.

Of course I don’t find expanding outside of my culinary comfort zone quite as taxing.  (Plus, my hands are kept busy so that I can’t torment my nails.)  This week, I experimented with organic baby bok choy from Lancaster Farm Fresh that I picked up at the Piazza Market.  Lancaster Farm Fresh is a non-profit cooperative of 64 farmers in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  They serve Eastern PA up to New York City and sell certified organic produce and pasture-raised animal products.  The cooperative also supports farmers that use environmentally friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.  This means no pesticides; an important point following the recent release of a government report suggesting that industrial chemicals in our environment are making Americans sick.  Check out the New York Times coverage of this story… it really makes you think. Continue reading