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My New Local: Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Amidst fireworks and barbecue, the 4th of July holiday weekend afforded a much-needed day off from work.  While we’re still far from settled in our new home, I took some time to explore the new stomping grounds.  Armed with my new local food bible from the Montgomery County Cooperative Extension, I set out in the late-morning heat on Monday.  After turning into a Philly’s Farmers’ Market groupie and divulging my pledge to diversify, I craved options to acquire fresh, local produce outside of the Landisdale CSA.  As it turns out, options abound.

I discovered two roadside farm stands within a stone’s throw of each other:

Sunrise Sunflower Farm was my first stop.  The small, wooden farm stand popped with sunflowers and red tomatoes, unattended while bodies worked in the fields.  I pulled into the driveway and took inventory of the saleable items.  Besides tomatoes and sunflowers, zucchini and blueberries rounded out the small but bright harvest.  I noticed a lock box with a small opening; recognizing this as their cash register, I slipped $3 into the box and walked back to my car with a pint of fresh blueberries. Continue reading

Moving in All Directions: Honey Cake Recipe

Things have been busy.  Between selling our condo in the city and buying a house in the ‘farburbs’ (per my estimation, over a half-hour drive on both the Schuylkill and the PA turnpike warrants a more progressive term than ‘suburbs’), we managed to work in a Kentucky Derby party in Berks County, a Mother’s Day shared with two families, and a trip to New Orleans (did someone say crawfish?).  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed; plagued with nightmares of brown boxes, stubbed toes and squeezing in two settlements in one day.  At least the food’s been enjoyable; take a look at a few highlights…

A Mint Julep for the Derby with fresh mint from Goshen View Organics in Goshen, PA:

I made a delicious and moist Honey Cake for Mother’s Day adapted from this Epicurious recipe — my version is Continue reading

Baking Gems: Applesauce Cookies

Sunday evening, I went for a jog to capture the last waning hour of sun.  With traveling to Dallas the week prior, I gained the hour that I lost with Daylight Savings; and then lost it again traveling back to Philadelphia.  I’m not sure what this really means in terms of rattling my body’s internal rhythms (or why it was 30 degrees in Dallas, and 70 degrees in Philadelphia over the weekend), but I do know that I was happy to be in shorts and a t-shirt bobbing through people along the sidewalks of the city again.

I’m also happy to be back in my kitchen. I’m celebrating these lingering evenings with some Applesauce Cookies, because cookies are really the gems of the baking world.  I found this recipe on Best Ever Cookie Collection web site and adapted for ingredients on hand. The original recipe calls for a combination of all-purpose and whole wheat flour; I used unbleached organic white flour and 100% whole wheat flour.  I was also short on brown sugar, so I subbed in some honey.

If you like a cake-like cookie and a cinnamon kick, this is a good recipe to try.  Of course you can always adjust the amount of cinnamon per taste preferences.  These cookies are very light and mildly sweet – a nice addition to afternoon tea.  Click on the hyperlinks for more information on the food producer. Continue reading

Kitchen Bliss: Winter Harvest Loaf

People always ask, “Was it love at first sight?”  While I always sort of teetered with this notion and firmly believed that love is not instantaneous but more of a progression… Until, that is, I saw this recipe for Winter Harvest Bundt Cake from Straight From the Farm blog. Love. At. First. Sight.

I know you’re thinking, really, in love with a cake made with vegetables?  As a dietitian with a sweet tooth, this is as close to love as I’m going to get (outside of my husband and family, of course).  I’m always looking for recipes that indulge both my sweet and healthy inclinations.  This past weekend, I decided to give the recipe a try using the vegetables from my recent CSA share and Farmers Market visit.  The original recipe calls for pumpkin, parsnips and carrots; I substituted rutabaga, kohlrabi and apple from my Sprinter Slaw recipe?   Brilliant or absurd? Continue reading