Responsible Eating

When I originally started this web site, I created this page to catalog the posts that detailed how I’d been incorporating local, seasonal, and sustainable foods into my diet (see dates, below).   I wanted to hold myself accountable; make a commitment and then stick to it by way of documentation.  Much like a food diary, actually; which is a very credible tool to affect positive behavior change.

But as I evolve, this web site evolves, and I’ve really come to enjoy this new way of food selection and curiosity.   I no longer feel I have to title these posts with “Responsible Eating;” that each post in this blog captures this commitment.  As a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Public Health, I am supplementing my food knowledge by learning about the current issues that confront our food system.  I joined my first CSA this past winter and have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with new, healthful foods, grown close to home, which has helped to create a greater appreciation for farming and sustainable agriculture.   The idea of knowing where our food comes from is so basic, yet a highly abstract idea to so many for a myriad of reasons (i.e. policy, socioeconomic conditions, and education).  Please browse the “Resources” page for some interesting articles around this subject!

Within each post (particularly the recipes) I provide hyperlinks to the local farmers and purveyors that provide these healthful foods, as well as recipe suggestions and nutritional tidbits.  Join me, as I take the challenge to implement a more thoughtful approach to the food I eat.

Here is the original list of “Responsible Eating” posts:

Week of March 19

Week of March 11

Week of March 6

Week of February 25

Week of February 17

Week of February 11

Week of February 3

Week of January 27

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