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A Pictorial for Responsible Eating – Week of 3.26.2010

As I’ve mentioned before, pictures tell a story.  In addition to the Applesauce Cookies and Cabbage, Radish and Bacon Slaw recipes recently posted, here is my story on how we’re incorporating our local foods:

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Progress Check: Responsible Eating – Week of 2.25.10

One of my favorite food blogs, Serious Eats, has a weekly “Recipe Roundup” that recaps kitchen exploits and culinary visions from other food bloggers.  Here is my internalized version of “Recipe Roundup” using local food purchases (please forgive my selfishness).  Check out the web links for information on the producers and for additional resources:

Super Bowl Sunday Replay: Baked Chicken Wings with Soy Marinade

Super Bowl Sunday was anticlimactic this year.  Not that I wasn’t excited for the Saints (I appreciate all underdogs – after all, I live in Philadelphia) or neglected the high-profile commercials.  But, J and I were in less than a party mode after we respectfully made our way through a couple bottles of wine Saturday night at KooZeeDoo, a new BYOB specializing in Portuguese cuisine.   (On a CC&T-worthy note, they use grass-fed, free-range meat, a nice complement to the healthy dose of resveratrol in my Pinot noir.)  Leaving the six pack of craft beers from the Foodery untouched, some spirit was necessary.  Hence, chicken wings.

Natural Meadows Farm brochure

I defrosted the chicken wings I purchased from Natural Meadows Farm at the Farmer’s Market.  I bet those guys enjoyed the Super Bowl – they cleverly advertised the wings on sale at $2.75/lb two weeks prior to the main event, completely provoking my purchase (I’m a sucker for sales, thanks Mom).   With the deep fryer in the hands of a neighbor with a bit more outdoor space (those things can really smoke and smell), I gladly searched recipes for an for oven- baked alternative.  I found this recipe from Kitchen Snippets and was drawn to the soy sauce and paprika in the marinade.  I typically just throw some garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper on chicken and call it a day; but it was the Super Bowl.  I had to make them special. Continue reading

Recipe Rounds: Chili for Two and Basic Chicken Stock

We ventured out in the fresh snow!

Taking advantage of a bit more indoor time, I worked on two recipes to help avoid cabin fever.

Round 1

Chili - mise en place

Friday night, I hunkered down with the ground beef from Lancaster Farm Fresh to create a hearty chili to carry us through the weekend snowstorm.  I love making chili because you can throw in an assortment of vegetables into a base of meat and tomatoes, and 99% of time have a successful dish that lasts a few days.  As a reference point, I used a recipe from the Food Network that guaranteed chili in 30 minutes.  Perfect way to indulge my impatience.

I made a few variations; notably, beef for turkey, and a decrease in Continue reading