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Market Gleanings: Pickled Kohlrabi

This past Sunday marked the second week I volunteered at the Skippack Farmers’ Market, collecting email addresses for the weekly newsletter and handing out recipes with a seasonal produce guide. By virtue of the word “volunteer,” I do not expect anything in return.

But I’ve found that giving a few hours on a Sunday morning, food and knowledge are your bounty.  I come home with complimentary fresh olive bread from St. Peters Bakery, cheese from Goot Essa (Old German Weissa Kase), and discounted first-of-the-season apples and white peaches from Stauffer’s Fruit Farm.  I learn that lettuce doesn’t like hot weather, and this summer has been challenging for the raspberry harvest — cooked by the sun before they’ve had a chance to be picked. Continue reading

Defining Local

Strawberries from 3 Springs Fruit Farm

A recent report from the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture explores the local food movement through a comprehensive literature review.  This 87-page report (includes 16 pages of references) titled, “Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues,” contains numerous analyses with tables and charts illustrating current opportunities and barriers to the local food system, and how consumers, institutions, retailers and the government play a part.  Read the Report Summary here if you’re time-crunched.  The full report is expansive, so I’ll touch upon a few statistics and issues that resonated with me. Continue reading

Food Buzz: Rockin’ the Twitter Feed

Toscana Kale post forthcoming- couldn't resist the picture.

Social media has certainly got a hold on me.  It’s a blessing and a curse for a tireless multi-tasker like myself, looking to stay current and maintain lively dinner conversation by digesting as many news stories as possible throughout the day.  “Tweeting” has officially made this purpose entirely too easy.  By subscribing to such reliable news sources as the Wall Street Journal and NPR Health, I receive text intranet messages as soon as the site posts or “tweets” them.   With the ability to pick your subscriptions, you can tailor the tweets to meet your curiosity and interests.  I also subscribe to some local and national entities that focus on sustainable food practices to keep this blog fresh.  Here’s what’s been showing up in my Twitter feed that may be of interest to CC&T readers: Continue reading

Adventures in (Acquiring) Local Food: CSA and Farmer’s Market

Greensgrow - ready for spring in a foot of snow!

This picture is a bit of a tease, don’t ya think?  An astute co-worker of mine said the other day, “It looks like the marshmallow man threw up all over my street.”  Wow.  How’s that for painting a picture?  Too bad it’s all too true.

I had a tough time getting to Greensgrow this weekend to pick up my bi-weekly winter CSA share.  The back roads and side streets were completely iced over.   I was afraid I was going to fishtail into a parked car.  My back wheels almost got stuck in a groove simply following Stop sign etiquette.  I was so nervous I was going to end up stranded or in an accident, my Continue reading