Burnt Leeks and Other Favorites

I love burnt, roasted leeks.  They are crispy and sweet.  Mixed with peppery, roasted parsnips, and I’m smitten.

Some of my favorite vegetables made an appearance in my CSA share this weekend – leeks included.  I already cooked and enjoyed one of them, along with some asparagus, a couple of sliced potatoes and parsnips.  I also made some burgers on our indoor grill pan using ground beef from Natural Meadow Farms (they really need a web site, their products are that good).  It was a meal rivaling one at our favorite gastropub, Standard Tap (hey, I can dream, can’t I?).  One of my favorite facts about Standard Tap is that they support initiatives like Pennsylvania’s Buy Fresh Buy Local and my CSA-buddy Greensgrow Farms

Here is what came in the Greensgrow CSA share this weekend:

CSA Pick-up: April 10, 2009

At the Piazza Farmer’s Market, I picked up some Pink Lady apples and radishes from Highland Orchards Farm (the radishes are really for J, although I can certainly use them for salads); Birchrun Hills Farm’s Honey and Sea Salt cheese and a rack of pork spare ribs (I’ve always wanted to experiment with this cut of meat and they were pretty cheap comparatively at $4.50/pound); a pair of pork chops from M&B Fairview Farm; and some whole grain bread from Big Sky.  I also tried some Joe’s Etc fair-trade, organic coffee, sold at Pumpkin Market in Philadelphia – and brought home a pound to brew myself.

This weekend, I continued upon my gardening escapades and stopped at a neighborhood gem, City Planter.  This urban gardeners oasis reminds me of a Greensgrow in a brownstone.  I perused the vast collection of pots and plants for awhile, strolling indoors and outdoors, and settled on a reasonably priced, colorful planter to transplant my basil and tomato plants when the time is right.

J and I head to North Carolina on Wednesday for a wedding this weekend, taking an extra few days to visit with family and friends.  The last time we’ve been on a plane together (or taken vacation, for that matter) was for our honeymoon last September.  While the plane ride will be significantly shorter – about 50 minutes versus 8 hours to Barcelona – it will be a welcomed one to escape the corporate desk if only for a few days.  I’m comforted knowing that both a full refrigerator and freezer will be awaiting us upon arrival home.   Including two more leeks for me to oven-burn.


2 responses to “Burnt Leeks and Other Favorites

  1. I loved carmelized leeks – okay burnt! Your last statement about coming home to a full fridge and freezer… I would love to know more about freezing produce. I should probably do it more often.

  2. My fav are leeks on the grill. Hooray for summer!

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