I am a Reporter at Heart: Cross-Post

My recent foray into the world of social media to stay on top of the latest news in food and nutrition quickly turned into a method to interact with the farms and growers that have provided my weekly provisions. Check out the article on Greensgrow and Three Springs Fruit Farm at Farm to Table….

Social media is for all ages and backgrounds, all professions and interests.  While it would seem counter-intuitive for an occupation that works primarily outdoors to be inside at a computer, farmers are coming into their own, creating extensive web sites and blogs, tweeting and linking with Facebook fans locally and across the country to grow their business.  Social media is quickly becoming another tool in the farmer’s shed, and another way consumers and communities can learn more about their local grower.

Giving Back to the Community – Greensgrow Farms

Mary Seton Corboy is the co-founder of Greensgrow Farms, a veritable oasis for the urban gardener and farmer, located in Kensington, an inner-city neighborhood near downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  What started as a hydroponic lettuce production on an empty plot of land has expanded to rows of organic soil with a variety of vegetables and gardens.  It is a community resource for local food, education and all things green.

Read the rest of the article here:  Growing More than Food: Social Media and Philadelphia Farmers

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