Baskets & Eggs: Diversifying the Local Portfolio

Diversification is a fundamental aspect of financial planning, where the old adage, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” often applies.  Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are the baskets for your monetary eggs; spread your eggs diligently so that if one basket breaks, you’ve still got others to rely on.

I’m applying this approach to the local food forage.  My diversification strategy involves recruiting new advocates and supporting the work of Landisdale Farms, a family-owned producer of certified organic foods.  I recently joined their summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture); a new basket to hold a few of my curious eggs.

My new recruits are my brother, his wife, and their 3-year-old twins who live in the city.  We’re splitting a Full Share which feeds 3-4 people so let’s hope the heavy winter precipitation is a harbinger for a bountiful summer crop.  I’m also willing to bet that my edamame-loving niece and nephew surpass my carnivorous husband in produce consumption each week.  Stay tuned for that match-up.

The other day, the Twitter feed sent over Week 7’s PDF newsletter from Greensgrow and I’m looking forward to some Butterhead lettuce, Yukon gold potatoes, and cookies from the Greenwood Kitchen.   Additionally, my Gmail account received a newsletter from Landisdale alive with anecdotes on seed bed preparation, irrigation planning, and composting their vegetable and strawberry fields all in preparation for the warm months ahead.   A sale on grass-fed beef for Easter caught my reading eye, as did a recipe for Pan Seared Wild Caught Salmon with Baby Arugula (salmon caught in Alaska from the PA farmers themselves).   Moments later, an email arrived from my sister-in-law, Landisdale newsletter attached, simply stating:

“I could not be more excited for this to begin…this email makes me so happy 😉  Cannot wait to begin my CSA journey!”

I must say, it’s much more fun when those close to you share your enthusiasm for good, meaningful food, and adventurism.

June 5 marks the beginning of the Summer CSA.  Pick-up will be at the Piazza Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, a perfect supplement to my weekly visit.  In the spirit of diversification (more baskets!) I plan to check out the wealth of other farmer’s markets in the Philadelphia area as the weather improves and the days grow longer.   Perhaps even a weekend visit to a farm in Lancaster or Adams County.  And, of course, I will remain faithful to Greensgrow, stopping by the corner farm in the city that ignited this passion and renewed interest in the dietetics field just a few short months ago.   With CSAs, farmers markets, and farms at my reach, the outlook on my local foods portfolio is indeed promising and looks to be quite nutrient-lucrative, as well.  I just hope I have enough eggs.

4 responses to “Baskets & Eggs: Diversifying the Local Portfolio

  1. Great CSA video! I hadn’t seen it before. I like the diversity concept. I sort of do that with my CSA, our farmer’s market, and of course, the last minute details from a locally owned grocery store. Need to think about blogging on eggs since it’s almost Easter.

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