Progress Check: Responsible Eating – Week of 2.17.10

Last night was a wash.  After a work day of lengthy teleconferences and a growing list of “action items,” Russell Stover’s and a grilled cheese sandwich greeted me warmly upon arrival home.  Comfort food.  This is typical for a Tuesday night, actually; J and I scavenge the kitchen in an effort to produce an impromptu nutritious meal.  Considering the veritable feast I created the night before (spoiler alert: a big steak is on the CC&T recipe roster), I refused to feel guilty for resorting to the toaster oven and the box of chocolates that has been calling my name since Sunday.  Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have (mass-produced, Missouri-based) chocolate.

While the above doesn’t sound so “responsible” and certainly exemplifies my “everything in moderation” approach, there have certainly been some redeeming qualities in my efforts to eat local and seasonal this week:

Mmm... bacon

Items are from my winter CSA share and/or Farmer’s Market purchases unless otherwise indicated.  For more information, please check out my most recent post.

  • A strip or two of fresh bacon, cooked in the oven at 425 degrees for 12 minutes, as a Valentine’s Day treat.
  • As I search for the potential in a pound of mushrooms,  I sacrifice a few to my daily mixed-greens.  I also topped my salads with red onion and grated Muenster cheese.  Added sliced almonds from Whole Foods.
  • Apple and banana chips for snacks.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread.  J prefers the Muenster while I recently added the horseradish cheddar which gives the sandwich a very mild kick.  I like to dip my grilled cheese in salsa, too – you get another serving of veggies this way.
  • Roasted vegetable medley of parsnips, leeks and shallots.
  • Sirloin steak with sautéed broccoli and oven-baked potato fries (recipes forthcoming).
  • Peach Muffins.

This week's salad

On another note, I purchased a digital SLR camera this week (see photo to the left).  I went with the Nikon D3000, thanks to not only the recommendation of a fellow blogger and lots of research on Consumer Reports, but to the corporate leg I stand on whose bonus structure allows for such an extravagant purchase each year.  The camera acquisition coincides beautifully with our trip to Berks County this weekend.  We (or perhaps, I) plan on visiting a few Farmer’s Markets and local farms for a bit of variety and fresh scenery.  Without cable (i.e. The Food Network) to drain any down time, I’m looking forward to reading, writing, and taking pictures.  While I certainly expect a learning curve with new equipment, I can’t wait to display relevant photo works right here at CC&T.

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