Adventures in (Acquiring) Local Food: CSA and Farmer’s Market

Greensgrow - ready for spring in a foot of snow!

This picture is a bit of a tease, don’t ya think?  An astute co-worker of mine said the other day, “It looks like the marshmallow man threw up all over my street.”  Wow.  How’s that for painting a picture?  Too bad it’s all too true.

I had a tough time getting to Greensgrow this weekend to pick up my bi-weekly winter CSA share.  The back roads and side streets were completely iced over.   I was afraid I was going to fishtail into a parked car.  My back wheels almost got stuck in a groove simply following Stop sign etiquette.  I was so nervous I was going to end up stranded or in an accident, my foot was shaking uncontrollably making it difficult to even press the accelerator (luckily, I drive a Mazda).

Yet I arrived safely.  I breathed a deep sigh of relief, knowing that my ride home was primarily well-paved main streets.   The lengths you have to go through to get some local, fresh foods in winter!  And we think farmers have it tough 😉

Here’s what I picked up in the share:

CSA Share 2.13.10

I also made a few impulse purchases while picking up my share, some organic banana chips from Kensington Co-op and a bag of broccoli from the Greensgrow Farm.  Broccoli is one vegetable I know I won’t be consuming alone.

My usual stop at the Piazza Farmer’s Market in the square turned into a street visit.  The farmers collected on Germantown Avenue as snow encumbered the square.  Snow piled high along streets and sidewalks made parking spaces limited.  While only a few farms braved the purge of the marshmallow man, here’s how I rounded out the day:

Piazza (Street) Farmer's Market

  • I picked up some parsnips, a red carrot (which, I was told at point of sale, is the carrot in its ‘raw form‘), shallots, and a grass-fed, antibiotic-free beef sirloin steak from Landisdale Farm.
  • At Highland Orchards, I picked up a few more Fuji apples and called it a day.  After all, my hands were blue from the cold.  Literally.

    Rounding out Saturday's acquisitions

On my way back home, I happened to catch a  KYW 1060 radio segment covering the abnormal snow fall this region’s received this year.  A Buffalo, New York, resident was interviewed and politely told Philadelphia to buck up and live with it.  “It’s just snow.  It melts and then it goes away,” he stated.   This adventure may have just rivaled sky diving in Virginia, but in the midst of all my fear and complaining, it was hard not to smile.  After all, I thought, Spring begins March 31st!

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