Progress Check: Responsible Eating – week of 1.27.10

I thought I would share how I’ve been enjoying incorporating the local, seasonal foods into my diet in case anyone is looking for ideas.  Foods denoted with “*” indicate they are from the CSA share.  All other items are from my weekly Farmers Market trip unless otherwise noted.  For more information on the farms where these foods were grown, please click here

  • Tossed salads for lunch:
    • Romaine and dandelion greens
    • Tomatoes
    • Sliced red onions*
    • Crumbled chevre cheese*

Ingredients tossed together with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar from my local supermarket. 

  • Rosemary & Chevre Crostini:
    • Rosemary rounds, sliced *
    • Chevre cheese spread *

I added chopped scallion from my local supermarket.   I think this could be improved with the addition of some fresh tomatoes, salsa and/or olive oil. 

Rosemary & Chevre Crostini


  • Roasted parsnips and leeks with dinner
  • An apple as my mid-morning snack

Erivan Yogurt from Oreland, PA


I am definitely more aware of packaging and labeling while food shopping at my local supermarket now, too.  While digging through the sizable selection of yogurt at Whole Foods this week, I found a container from Erivan Dairy in Oreland, Pennsylvania, about 5 miles from where I grew up!  I add a bit of dried cherries, sliced almonds, raisins and honey – delicious!


One response to “Progress Check: Responsible Eating – week of 1.27.10

  1. For a tasty supplement for Dandelion Greens, you might try Arugula….delicious!

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