Friday Night Rituals

Relaxing with my feet up, the Food Network on the TV


There’s really nothing more satisfying than coming home on Friday evening after a week of work that leaves you wondering why you even make the effort some days (ok, I do need to eat and pay the mortgage).  My Friday evening ritual typically includes about an hour of the Food Network, supplemented with an internet search in the hopes of locating a recipe to recreate over the next 48 hours.  Dinner is usually takeout with J as we reacquaint ourselves with the couch for the night with a Netflix in hand.  Tonight, and potentially some Friday nights to follow, my ritual will be modified a bit – J has gone to his family’s Farm for the weekend to help his father out a bit, managing the chicken houses, corn rows, and possibly adding a few raspberries bushes to add some color and antioxidants (much to my satisfaction). 

While I could join him for a quick country getaway, my second CSA share is ready for pick-up tomorrow. I’m excited for the surprise of what foods I will find – I’m hoping for some more apples (there isn’t a day I go without my quercetin), some onions to try my hand at French Onion soup, and some parsnips and leeks for my weekly roast.  As I’m quickly developing a fervor for eating seasonally and supporting local agriculture, the prospect of going to the farm with J for the weekend has not only been very tempting, but also has stirred a personal interest in growing my own vegetable and herbs this spring — trying my hand at gardening would certainly bring my New Year’s Resolution to a new level; and make for some interesting blog posts!  

Unfortunately, this is something that our small condo in Philly precludes.  Without an easily accessible yard to dabble in soil and seeds, I envision a small pots of herbs on our sole window sill to placate my curiosity for the time-being.  I wonder if there is an opportunity on the farm to engage a small plot of land in my gardening escapades… of course, I would have to perform a quite a few Google searches on “How to Start a Garden” – may have to work that into my Friday night ritual as well 🙂


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