Sharing in the Fun

I realized on my venture to Clark Park Farmer’s Market this cold Saturday morning (where I picked up parsnips, apples, butternut squash and sweet potatoes), that I neglected to share that I have followed through on a New Year’s Resolution to learn about how food is grown and produced —  I joined a winter CSA with Greensgrow Farms

My first pick-up was actually before the holidays, in the midst of a huge snowstorm that landed 2 feet of snow in Philadelphia!  Luckily the farm is less than 2 miles from our place.  The share included: 1 carton of eggs, 2 yogurts, soft cheese, diced lamb cubes, 1 bunch of  kale, 3 apples, 4 onions, handful of herbs and 2 lbs potatoes.  I’m still working through a few of these items (see Potato Cheese Soup recipe I recently posted) and my experience with cooking the lamb was not post-worthy… it was way over-cooked and it is on my list to prepare and conquer.  The onions have been useful and with my first cooking class last Tuesday, I now know to properly work with an onion so the entire thing doesn’t fall apart!  The trick is leaving the root end attached, while cutting the stem end off. I found this video recently that was exactly what we practiced in class.  We also practiced working with carrots, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes – specifically shocking the tomato for 10 seconds in boiling water to remove the skin.  This web site explains it well. 

January 16 will be my next pick-up at the farm, and I’m already looking forward to the date!  Let’s just hope I’m not driving in out in another snow storm…

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