New Year’s Warm-up: Easy Potato Cheese Soup with Kale

Happy New Year!  Time to kick those resolutions into high gear and mine include creating more ‘whole food’ meals while relying less on processed, pre-made products.  No more Betty Crocker boxes of instant mashed potatoes, I would chop, boil, mash and flavor my own Yukon golds.  With red potatoes on hand after a visit to my parents, a few other stars aligned to help make this dish happen today:

1.  A burning desire to use my crock pot so that we come home to yummy smells in our condo.

2.  Kale from my first CSA pick-up at Greensgrow Farms.  Kale is an excellent source of Vitamins K, A, C, manganese, and a very good source of fiber, calcium, vitamin B6 and potassium. 

3.  Cheese, cheese, and more cheese begging to be used with more than just crackers.  Each holiday season we receive this gift from J’s Aunt who lives in cheddar-happy Madison Wisconsin, home to the fabulous Brennan’s Market.

4.  A new toy to play with, a Cuisinart hand blender, thanks to my Christmas Elfster

Easy Potato Cheese Soup with Kale

Recipe adapted from Meals for Pennies blog.  I would think you can experiment with different cheeses, this is a great recipe to use up leftovers in addition to using the popular winter vegetable, the potato.   Serves 8-10.


  • 6 medium baking potatoes, cut into chunks
  • ½ white onion, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 2-3 cups water (to desired consistency)
  • 1 cup milk (I used 1%)
  • 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup white cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups chopped kale
  • salt and black pepper to taste, other spices to taste, I added turmeric and allspice.


1.  Place potatoes, onions and garlic in crockpot.
2.  Cover with broth & water.
3.  Cook on high 2-3 hours or low up to 10 hours.
4.  Remove potatoes from crock using slotted spoon and transfer to food processor along with a cup or so of the liquid (or use a hand blender and mix in the crockpot, which is what I did)
5.  Process potatoes until desired thickness is reached, transfer back to crock if necessary.
6.  Add milk, cheese, kale and spices to crock, mix well, cover and simmer on low 20 minutes.


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