Trip to the Farm… city-style!

Ok I am back from a brief hiatus whereby I finally finished our wedding Thank You notes.  Phew– What a task!  I wonder if it will ever be acceptable in the world of etiquette to simply send a blast email to all gift-givers, or even a generic  Thank You card mail-merged with the help of Excel?   I’m sure “Dear Abby” would turn in her grave if she read these sentiments, yet I think personalizing each and every wedding Thank You note is a bit antiquated and they are forgotten instantly upon receipt… more simple methods are at our finger-tips!  Am I just being lazy?  Am I merely exemplifying the (somewhat) spoiled, digital generation?  But I digress…

Speaking of simplifying, I recently braved some harsh winter weather to visit Clark Park Farmers Market, a large selection of locally produced produce, cheeses and breads.  I have been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a book about a family’s journey from Tuscon, Arizona to a farm in Virginia to grow and raise their own food and support local farmers.  Not only has it taught me about the ecological costs of growing food in factory farms, transporting it thousands of miles, and the pitfalls of adding chemical preservatives it has inspired me to eat “in season” and support local agriculture to not only get the best taste, but help the environment and promote local economies.  I recommend it to anyone who is curious about food and wants to better appreciate the larger view of how food makes it to the kitchen table.  I’m now inspired to eat more whole foods (less processed) and more simply, in season. 

How often are farmers thanked  for their efforts in nourishing our bodies?

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